Mazista does Middelburg Mall

Following on from our article posted on the 27th January concerning the amalgamation of Mazista Tiles and Durban Tiling Services, we have recently been involved in the following interesting project.

Mazista got appointed as the supplier and installer of Stone Cladding at the Middleburg Mall. The product was specified through MDS architects via our specification department and we then tendered and won the tender with WBHO being the main contractor. Mazista has effectively offered a one-stop shop for specification, supply and install of material to the client, allowing them to deal with one company for all three. 

The professional team along with the main contractor were nervous about programming on the project and required us to complete the project by end of December. Mazista kicked off the project half way through September and by the end of October had completed all available walls for cladding. The main contractor had trouble in keeping up with us and we eventually left site to allow them to complete the last wall. Mazista will return to site on at the beginning of November to complete the last remaining wall once this is completed by the main contractor.

The stone is a quartzite stone know as building stone and comes from local quarries in the Mpumalanga area. It is delivered directly to site. It is then hand chipped in order to ensure a neat and linear appearance. Lines are dropped from the top of the approximately 11 meter high wall to ensure the work is of suitable quality. Material is laid bottom to top with a sand and cement mixture. Metal ties are built into the walls by the main contractor to assist with adhesion and every three meters strong metal angles are bolted into the wall to assist with the carrying of the weight of the stone. This is vital to ensure the stone does not fall off the wall. The tops of the walls are capped with concrete to ensure no water runs down the back of the stone affecting the mortar mix.

This is just an example of how Mazista contacting together with its sister company Durban Tiling is capable of handling complex contracting projects and we look forward to handling more.


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